CME Programme:

                                                                         CLINICAL MATERIAL IN THE HOSPITAL:

                                             Total number of patients in OP=1200/day
                                              Number of Hospital Beds =500
                                             Separate ward for infectious diseases=yes
                                            Separate ward for swine flu       =          yes



                                  CLINICAL MATERIAL (HOSPITAL WISE)

                                      (attach a separate sheet if needed)

                           Outdoor – Average Daily patient Attendance

                          (a)      Old Patients -        418    (b)  New Patients  608   (c)         Total 1026

                            Indoor          -       (a)      Annual admissions:   33051

                          (b)      Average bed occupancy per day             85%

                             (percentage of teaching beds)


              (a)          In O.P.D.      - Patient examination rooms and student demo rooms

          As per MCI guidelines.

              (b)          In Indoor      - Student demo rooms as per MCI guidelines



      (a)      Central and/or Departments     :  Central

          (i)       For in-patients                    :  Central


          (ii)      For O.P.D.                           :  Central

  (b)      Staff                                         :

          Medical Record Officer                :  1

          Statistician                                1

          Coding Clerk                              :  2

          Record Clerk                              :  2

          Daftry                                        :  2

          Peons                                        :  2

          Stenographer                             : 1

    (c)      System of Indexing                             :  ICD-10

          Computerized                           :  Fully computerized

          Manual                                     :

     (d)      Follow up service                      : Available

                 CENTRAL CASUALTY SERVICES      

             (a)      Whether working :                                       Yes                      

            (b)      Accommodation for staff on duty         :-

(a)          Doctors                 - Available

(b)          Nurses                  - Available

(c)          Students               - Available

(d)      Other paramedical staff - Available

            (c)      No. of emergency beds in casualty      - 20 Beds

           (d)      Working arrangement of casualty services

                (i)       No. of casualty medical officers -   Two medical officer

                                                                              i n each shift X 3 shifts

               (ii)      Consultants services                 -   consultants will be on duty

   (i)           Nature of services                        -   All emergency services


(ii)          Average daily attendance of patients – 163 cases per day


             (e)      Resuscitation services facilities :-

             (i)       Oxygen supply       - Available

             (ii)      Ventilation            - Available

            (iii)     Defibrillator           - Available

(iii)        Fully equipped disaster trolleys  - Available


                 (f)       Facilities provided :-

                 (i)       X-ray           - Available

                (ii)      Operation theatre  - Available

                (iii)     Laboratory facilities   - Central  labs working round the clock

      (g)      Ambulance service                                Yes/No                 Number

                                                                            YES                      4 Nos.


        (h)          Whether facilities for medico-legal examination exist or not?

If yes, whether separate staff is posted or not. - YES


        (i)       Posting of interns in casualty -                     Yes – will be posted

          If yes, No. of days                                             as per MCI norms

                                                                 CLINICAL LABORATORIES

      (a)          Central – Central with Pathology, Microbiology and Biochemistry Sections

     Under the control of respective departments.

      (b)          Departmental                   Yes


       (c)          Ward side Laboratory        Yes


     (a)      Total no. of investigations                   Bio        Clinical        Micro           Any

          (Average daily)                                 Chemistry    Pathology     Biology         other



       (i)           O.P.D.                                            140                 190               46


      (ii)      In-patients                                     75                    86              30 

              (i)           Emergency                           45               54          06




(b)      Staff & Supervision in each Laboratory


(i)       Teaching Staff Number              : from the concerned department

(ii)      Non-teaching Staff Number       : from the concerned department

                   (c)      Equipment in each laboratory


                                                          OPERATION THEATRE UNIT


                  (1)      Operation theatres          -

          (a)      Number                                 : 7 major and 2 minor O.T.


          (b)      Arrangement & Distribution   :  General Surgery – 2, ENT -1, Ortho - 1

                                                                     Optholmology – 1, OBGY – 1, Septic – 1

                                                                      Casualty – 1, OPD - 1                


(c)      Equipment :                                Boyles Apparatus, Ventilator,    

(including Anesthesia equipment) Muti-para monitor, pulse oximeter,

                                                                     Suction apparatus as per the              


(d)      Facilities available in each O.T. unit       -


                   (i)       Waiting room for patients          -   Present

                   (ii)      Soiled Linen room                     -   Present

                   (iii)     Sterilisation room                     -   Present

                   (iv)     Nurses duty room                     -   Present

                   (v)      Surgeons & Anaesthetists room -

·         For Males                                      -   Present

·         For Females                                  -   Present


(vi)     Assistants room                                    -   Present

(vii)    Observation gallery for students            -   Present

(viii)   Store room                                            -   Present

(ix)         Washing room for surgeons & Assistants    -   Present

(x)          Students washing up and dressing up room -   Present



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