HEALTH CENTRES -                            R.H.C./P.H.C.                                       URBAN

          RURAL/URBAN                         -------------------                                      HEALTH

                                                           I                      II                  III                CENTRE


(a)      Name of the center        :       RHC                   PHC            PHC                  UHC

(b)      Location of each center :    Gudihathnoor     Gimma        Bela             Kurshid Nagar


(a)          Population covered by

each center                             : 27997          28243    22455         15596


(d)      Distance from college      :      19km              17km      37km          4km


(e)      Transport facilities for                         : Yes                                      


          1. (i)   Students + Interns                   : Yes

              (ii)  Staff                                         : Yes

              (iii) Supportive Staff                       : Yes


          2.  (i)  Number of Vehicles                 :         One Bus and Two Vans


               (ii) Capacity of each Vehicle                   :         Bus 50 and van each 25


3.       Control of Vehicles                            :


                   Departmental                          :         Departmental


                   Central                                    :         under Dean

(f)       Staff of the Centers                                     : As per MCI guidelines


(g)          Hostel facilities at the Rural Health Centers :  Available


(h)         Messing facilities available or not.: Available


(i)       Working arrangement/type of control of Health Centres :


(i)       Total (Admn. & Financial) control with the college : RHC and UHC



          (ii)      Partial (only for training) control)      : PHC 2 Nos



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